As part of the North Vietnamese Easter Offensive, the village of An Loc was a target for the North Vietnamese Army in the III Corps region. The seizure of An Loc would be a great political victory as well as be the staging point for a thrust towards Saigon. Three divisions were assigned the task of destroying the South Vietnamese forces in the area while seizing the town of Loc Ninh, Quan Loi and An Loc. Standing in their way was the South Vietnamese 5th Infantry Division and a hand full of US Advisors along with the US Air Force and US Army helicopter crews. The ensuing battle for Loc Ninh provided the time needed to prepare the defense for the assault on An Loc which lasted for two months. The courage, dedication and loyalty of the US personnel significantly turned the tide from a disaster to a victory.

"This is historical fiction and will give the reader insight into one of the pivotal battles of the Vietnam War. Matt's work putting this together was prodigious. I don't know how he did it. As a historical novel, it think it's great." General Walter Boomer, US Marine Corps (Ret.)

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