In 1972, most US combat forces had been withdrawn from Vietnam. Only US Army and Marine Corps advisors were in the field with South Vietnamese forces as well as some US helicopter units scattered about the country. The North Vietnamese made the decision that the war had gone on long enough and was going nowhere. They feared that the new detente between President Nixon and Russia as well as China was about to cut off their supplies. They feared that they appeared weak as a result of Lam Son 719. The decision in Hanoi was to launch a new conventional warfare invasion of the South. Crossing the Demilitarized Zone on March 31,1971, started this new campaign. This initial onslaught into South Vietnam was met by a handful of US advisors, a few US Marine Corps and Army Aviation units and a lot of US Air Force flight crews attempting to guide and support the South Vietnamese Army, from the Corps commander level to the young Lieutenant on the front lines. Their actions prevented a total collapse of South Vietnam in this pivotal battle, the first of three at this time. It also gave South Vietnam a chance to survive.

"This is historical fiction and will give the reader insight into one of the pivotal battles of the Vietnam War. Matt's work putting this together was prodigious. I don't know how he did it. As a historical novel, it think it's great." General Walter Boomer, US Marine Corps (Ret.)

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