Under the command of 1st Army of Vietnam Corps, the most intense operation of the war was conducted in 1971. For forty-five days, South Vietnamese soldiers fought in Laos against overwhelming enemy forces. No US ground forces were involved, but this operation was not possible if not for the helicopter support provided by the US. Undaunted Valor, Lam Son 719 is the story of those courages helicopters crews that flew into a caldron of high intensity anti aircraft fire never seen before in this conflict or since WWII. Their leadership, courage, professionalism, and determination highlighted everything that the youth of this nation are capable of doing. As a result of this campaign and their actions, the tactics, training and equipment for helicopter operations into the 21st century were developed. This is the story of their actions, fears, and deaths so that others may live. Each event depicted occurred and is portrayed as accurately as possible.

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