Continuing where Undaunted Valor, volume 1, ended, Undaunted Valor, Medal of Honor, continues with the unit supporting the Vietnamese Army as US forces continue to draw down and redeploy back to the United States. Unbeknown to the public at large, American helicopter crews fly daily supporting South Vietnamese forces across the border in Cambodia where North Vietnamese forces are attempting to make a comeback after their defeat in the 1970 Cambodian incursion. Dan Cory returns to his old unit which now has anew commander. Major Adams receives the order to move the unit from Lia Khe to Camp Holloway in the Central Highlands. Upon arrival, the unit again begins supporting South Vietnamese forces but is faced with very different terrain and a more lethal enemy. On their first day in the new area of operations the unit has an aircraft lost with the pilot killed and the crew stranded. A second aircraft attempts to rescue the first crew and is also shot down. Decisions must be made as enemy forces begin to over run their position. Through the courage of one man, the crews must escape and evade. Within days another aircraft is down on another Firebase and Major Adams is faced with a decision. Command decisions require command action and Major Adams executes the actions. In this single period of a month, two individuals were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. All events happened in the sequence presented.

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