An Assault Helicopter Unit in Vietnam is the story of a highly decorated assault helicopter unit as seen through the eyes of a college drop out who volunteered to serve in the US Army flying helicopters in an unpopular conflict. Dan Cory discovers that basic training teaches discipline while preflight training painfully teaches attention to detail. In primary flight training, Dan finds that learning to fly a helicopter initially is very much like sitting on a bull at the rodeo, and then some one opens the gate. Mastering the ability to basically fly the aircraft, Dan moves on to advanced flight training, achieving the skills to fly in instrument conditions as well as becoming proficient in the Huey helicopter which he will fly in combat. Arriving in Vietnam in February,1969, Dan spends the next nineteen months flying two thousand hours in combat. In that time, he experiences all the missions that the UH-1H helicopter is called upon to fly. Flying those missions, he witnesses the courage, fear, aspirations, and sadness that these flight crews felt laced with camaraderie and GI humor. Dan also experiences compassion and understanding when he returns home on a brief leave only to return to a level of intensity not experienced since the early years in this conflict. Finally, Dan returns suddenly and tragically home to perform one of the least desirable duties of an Army officer. All events portrayed are factual and presented oIn the sequence that they occurred.

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