Following Book 2 the decision is made to launch the ground offensive with what forces the coalition was able to muster. Considerations had to be made as to where each unit was positioned not only based on the operational/tactical level but also on political considerations. How would those considerations affect the positioning of forces. What would have been the obstacle facing the coalition forces in removing the Iraqi forces from the UAE and Saudi Arabia before they could think of entering Kuwait. What would have been the logistical strain on moving such a large force, over long distance with limited points to build a logistics base. All these questions are asked at the highest levels and solved at the lower levels. Stand in the door with the men of the 82nd Airborne as they make a night jump to open a port. Ride with the 101st as it leaps ahead of mechanized and armor forces across Saudi Arabia to Iraqi. Roll with the US Marines as they clear Iraqi forces from the coast. Play the game of cat and mouse with US Navy destroyers seeking the danger lurking beneath the waves.

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