Desert Shield picks up after Project 19. Iraqi forces have overrun most of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Questions have to be asked and solutions quickly determined. Where can forces be inserted to build a base for future operations? Follow Lieutenant Fitzgerald on her first assignment establishing, and then defending her port facility. How is the logistic flow going to proceed with priority to whom and what? Where are the Iraqi forces located and how does the coalition find them? What assets can be brought to bear quickly and what political constraints are in play prevention military action. These questions are asked and answered by young sergeants up to general offices, each playing their role in this multi facet fictional exploration. Track the defense that began around Jeddha. Follow the pilots flying of the air craft carriers in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea. Spend time aboard the USS Florida as she runs silent and runs deep into the Persian Gulf to accomplish it clandestine mission. Parachute into the mountains of the UAE with Special Force operatives searching for the elusive SCUD missiles before they can inflict harm on the build up of forces.

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