Project 19 was the code word assigned by Saddam Hussain for the invasion of Kuwait. Our journey begins with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait covering the actual maneuvers executed in the seizure of Kuwait and the race to the border. How would the Iraqi’s have continued the attack into Saudi Arabia is planned and executed catching the Saudi Forces totally unprepared as US generals and diplomates scramble to prepared for the inevitable invasion that we were all expecting to happen. Diplomatic maneuvering by the Iraqi leadership in the United Nations prevents a stronger coalition of nations from coming to the aid of Saudi Arabia combined with a deteriorating Soviet Union that would like nothing better than to see the US bogged in a Middle Eastern war. Join Army commanders attempting to move forces to ports while competed with others for rail and ships to move their equipment. Fly with fighter crews and refuelers deploying to unspecified airfields. The major question to be answered in those early days was where was the coalition going to establish a foothold on the Arabian Peninsula, or was an amphibious invasion going to be necessary? All this is presented against the backdrop of the Iraqi Army rolling across Saudi Arabia on three fronts. All this and more are explored in this “WHAT IF” historical fiction series.

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