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Born in New York City, Matt traveled the world as the son of a Naval Officer. Attending college in Oregon, he worked summer jobs as a logger one summer and a merchant sailor another. Joining the US Army in 1968, Matt served for the next twenty-five years working through the ranks as an enlisted man, warrant officer and retired in 1993 as a Colonel. In that time he served in both aviation and infantry assignments seeing combat in Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm. He and his wife have been together for the past fourth-nine years and have two sons, both Army officers. He presently resides in Florida.



Undaunted Valor Series

Undaunted Valor, An Assault Helicopter Unit in Vietnam is the story of a highly decorated assault helicopter .....


Undaunted Valor, Medal of Honor.

Continuing where Undaunted Valor, volume 1, ended, Undaunted Valor, Medal of Honor, continues with....


Undaunted Valor, Lam Son 719.

Under the command of 1st Army of Vietnam Corps, the most intense operation of the war was conducted in....


  • Apollo Beach
  • Florida, United States
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